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The Susie E II offers offshore fishing charters for Montauk deep sea fishing parties who want to catch a variety of offshore fish. Everything from cod on the deep reefs to blue marlin in the Gulf Stream can be found offshore. Many of the blue water fish that swim 50 miles offshore in the early spring may move within 15 miles off the coast of Montauk Point. Summer offers the recreational angler the best weather of the year, sometimes with four or five consecutive days of calm waters.

During the steamy hot days of July and August, the fish that normally inhabit the surface go to deeper waters for prime deep see fishing in Montauk. Summer heat also restricts much of the feeding activity into the early morning, late afternoon and evening so it is a great day trip with a fast ride off the point of Montauk Point.


Off SHore Fishing

Enjoy a Montauk Deep Sea Offshore Charter! Try your hand fishing for shark, bluefin, mako, tuna, and more.

The arrival of the sharks in June kicks off a new year for Montauk deep sea fishing. While many species of shark can be found in our waters, the primary targets of fishermen are mako, blue and thresher. The shark fishing season ends early October with late season catches of large makos for Montauk deep sea fishing trips.


The Montauk tuna fishing season begins in July. Tuna fish are the dream catch of deep sea sport fishing with the chance to catch Giant Blue Fin Tuna that can run up to 1,000lbs off Montauk. Montauk deep sea charter fishing usually takes place about 25 to 35 miles from Montauk Point. Most times, however, a Canyon run about 60 miles offshore is necessary to find these fish.

Susie E provides full day, extended day and overnight trips for Montauk offshore fishing charters with plenty of room to make the trip comfortable and easy. A 48′ ft custom sportfisherman, the Susie E can handle Montauk offshore fishing seas with ease.

All levels of experience are welcome.


If you want to action and go against these monsters from the deep, climb aboard the Susie E II and sail away. Contact us 631-523-TUNA or 621-523-8862. Contact Us