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Captain Burt Prince and the crew of the Susie E II are a hardworking, experienced and friendly dedicated to making every customer experience a happy one.

Capt. Burt is a member of the Montauk Boatman’s & Captain’s Association (MBCA), an organization of charter and open boat captains who operate out of Montauk. The Susie E II is a Coast Guard-inspected 48-foot Montauk charter boat licensed to carry as many as 33 passengers for private charters, making the Susie E II one of the very few multi-passenger boats in Montauk.

Fast and comfortable, the Susie E II is the obvious choice for fishing charters, bachelor parties, ash scatterings, corporate outings, and sunset cruises.

A Comfortable Montauk Charter Boat


The Montauk Fishing Charter Boat Susie E II is a 48-foot custom sport fisherman, Coast Guard-inspected and licensed to take up to 33 passengers for Montauk fishing charters.

Comfort Features:

  • Extra-large cockpit for fishing
  • Spacious outdoor area with padded seating and protection from sun and rain
  • Accessible on deck bathroom so you do not have to go below deck
  • Large cabin for guests who want to eat, drink, play cards, and relax under the sun
  • Observation deck for sightseeing and picture-taking

Susie E II is Equipped for Safety

The Susie E II is in total compliance with the provisions of the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS). Safety features include

  • Life raft (Hydrostatic Release) (Solas A Pack)
  • 2 Emergency Position-Indicating Radio Beacons or EPIRBs (Hydrostatic & Manual) – tracking transmitters that aid in the detection and location of boats in distress.
  • Survival Suits – special waterproof dry suits that protect wearers from hypothermia caused by immersion in cold water
  • Water Maker – a device that extracts water from the air; vital for survival when boats sink or capsize and immediate rescue is unavailable
  • Sea Anchor
  • Generator
  • First Aid Kit
  • Flares, Smoke, Meteors (Solas)

Montauk’s Premier Charter Boat Featuring State-of-the-Art Electronics

  • Radar
  • 2 LORANs (Long Range Aid to Navigation) – terrestrial radio navigation systems that determine location and/or speed of the vessel
  • 2 VHFs (Very High Frequency) – radio channels used for marine communication
  • Plotter – a vector graphics printing device that connects to a computer and prints graphical plots
  • Global Positioning System (GPS)
  • Color Fish Finder – an instrument that uses sonar to detect fish
  • Water Temp.
  • Autopilot
  • Satellite Phone

Get Top Fishing Tackle & Service on the Susie E II

  • Custom modern tackle
  • Live Bait & ice
  • Your Fish cleaned & bagged
  • Digital photos of you with your catch
  • Coolers for your drinks

Montauk Fishing Tournament Winner and Experienced Crew

  • 1st Place – 2001 Star Island Shark Tournament
  • 1st Place – 2001 Montauk Boatman’s & Captain’s Assn. Tournament
  • 2nd Place – 1999 Mako Mania Shark Tournament
  • 1st Place – 2008 Largest Mako Day 1, Mako Mania

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