Montauk Sea Duck Hunting

The East End is a mecca for duck hunting, featuring the greatest concentration of wintering ducks in all of New York State.  The protected waters of the bays and harbors of Montauk and the surrounding areas provide a prime habitat for sea duck hunting in the storied Atlantic Flyway migration grounds.

When the duck hunting season opens on October 17, The Susie E II will be booking half- and full-day sea duck hunting charters. Montauk is a year-round sportsman’s paradise, and we will be getting shooters out on the water throughout the winter, right up until the season closes on January 31.


Duck Hunting from the Comfort of a Charter Boat

Sea duck hunting has become increasingly popular in recent years, since it gets sportsmen out on the water and closer to the action.  Our trips can accommodate up to eight hunters per charter, and we begin before dawn.  Depending on the wind and weather conditions, we will cruise out to one of the many calm areas that ring the point from Napeague around through Gardiner’s Bay.  We’ll put out our decoys, and then we will set up on the ducks.  We will have Eiders, Scoters, Old Squaw, and Mergansers in our sights, among others.

Since the tides can run too strong for dogs, we will send another boat to set up down current to net the ducks we shoot.  Hunters will shoot from the comfort of the decks of the Susie E, a 48-foot charter boat with all the amenities that an ocean-going fishing boat can offer, including an on-board head, hot beverages, and a warm cabin for getting out of the weather.


An Experienced Captain Will Be Your Guide

Captain Burt Prince is an avid hunter in addition to being one of the most knowledgeable fishing boat captains in Montauk.  He has years of experience, and knows the local waters like the back of his hand.  We know where the ducks are, and we will always be gunning for our limit.

Sportsmen will be required to bring their own firearms and ammunition—remember, lead shot is prohibited.  Hunters will also have to bring their own licenses and duck stamps.  Charter groups must also register with the NYS Migratory Bird Harvest Information Program (HIP) program to record the birds they take.  If necessary, HIP registry can be taken care of at the boat.


Full Day “Cast and Blast” Doubleheader

For the hard-core sportsman, the Susie E will also offer an all-day package, where charter groups will set up to hunt ducks in the morning, and then head out to fish in the afternoon.  Our “Cast and Blast” package is an incredible opportunity to fill your cooler with the unparalleled bounty of the East End.  After shooting all morning, we’ll stow the guns and break out the rods and tackle.  Depending on what’s biting, we’ll fish for Blackfish, Striped Bass or any of the other winter residents in Montauk waters.


Winter 2014 Rates

Half-Day Sea Duck Hunting Charters:  $700

Full-Day Package: $1300

Charter prices are for up to four (4) passengers.  The boat can accommodate up to 8 people at an additional cost of $100 per head.

Please note that safety considerations prevent us from taking more than 8 people on a hunting charter.