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Montauk inshore fishing can be a fun way to spend a day in the company of friends and family. One advantage that inshore fishing has over offshore fishing is that you are closer to land which means you’ll be fishing within a short ride of the marina.

Inshore fishing is for everyone, so the people in your party who just want to relax and enjoy the view can do so while you reel in your trophy bass. Nothing beats a day of inshore fishing onboard the Susie E II. Half days and full days are available for groups to 20 people, with 6 pack specials.

Montauk Inshore Fishing Species

Fluke Mom Child

With Inshore Fishing Charters on the Susie E II you are just a short ride from the dock and can enjoy the protected water of Block Island Sound.

Species that can be hunted inshore just off the coast of Montauk Point include striped bass, Bluefish, Fluke, sea bass and porgies. Depending on the season, all sorts of fish can be found along inshore inlets with the occasional shot at bluefin tuna and albacore. A short ride from the dock can put you in the protected waters of Block Island Sound or in the Montauks points famous rips teeming with trophy stripers.

The Ideal Months for Inshore Fishing

In the summer months, the waters surrounding Montauk is warmer and night time striper fishing is on fire with solid day action on stripers, bluefish and fluke. Montauk inshore fishing in the fall is fast and furious with migrating schools of bass blitzing schools of bait all hours of the day.

However, summer presents anglers with all sorts of opportunities. As a rule, inshore fishing in summer is best at dawn and dusk when the water is cooler and coastal waters are teeming with bait fish. Regardless of the month, mid April-Dec presents excellent inshore opportunity for Montauk fishing.

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Combo Trips for Stripers & Fluke area typical inshore trip

Combo trips for Stripers & Fluke are a typical inshore trip. Nothing beats a day of inshore fishing onboard the Susie E II.

Whether you’re a professional angler or a first-timer, the captain and crew of the Susie E II will make your day on the water memorable. From picking the perfect inshore fishing spot to ensuring that you have everything you need, we will be happy to serve you.

Montauk provides great opportunities for inshore fishing. If you have questions or want to book a trip, call 631-523-TUNA or 621-523-8862. Contact Us.