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Montauk is legendary for its sharks and prides itself as the best shark fishing site in the entire East Coast. If we had to pick one thing we like to do best aboard the Susie E, it would be shark fishing!

We at Susie E Charters are avid shark fishermen who participate in all the local shark tournaments. The Susie E II has taken home more than a fair share of prizes, placing 1st in the Star Island Tournament with a massive 609-pound mako, 1st again in the MBCA Tournament, this time with a 492-pound thresher and 2nd in the Mako Mania Tournament. In 2008, we took home 1st place in Mako Thresher Mania’s day 1 competition and in 2014 we won the New York state record for biggest Porbeagle Shark weighing 398 pounds, as well as many big Makos and Threshers.

The Shark Fishing Season in Montauk

Thresher Shark

Susie E Charters are avid shark fishermen. Come experience some of the best shark fishing on the entire East Coast.

The Montauk shark fishing seasonbegins in June and continues till the middle of October. During this period, the waters of Montauk have an abundance of mako, blue and thresher sharks. On Susie E II’s observation deck, you can see these majestic sea creatures swimming just below the surface. On occasion you might even spot hammerhead, brown, tiger and even great white sharks. Just imagine the thrill of seeing a monstrous 15-foot great white shark glide past the boat.

A Typical Day for Montauk Shark Fishing

A day aboard the Susie E II on a shark fishing trip begins with a brief steam out to the Montauk Lighthouse and a few trolls of the umbrella rigs that put multiple live bluefish baits in the well. Now sit back and relax while the captain takes the Susie E II to the shark fishing “spot of the day” carefully chosen by considering factors such as records of GPS locations that have produced successful catches in the past, wind direction, speed of drift, bottom structure, time of year, water temperature breaks, color and clarity.

Upon arriving at the spot sometimes between 15 and 40 miles from the point, the crew of the Susie E II will expertly chum the waters and use other effective baiting techniques to lure the biggest sharks you’ll ever see. For a few moments, all seems quiet when all of a sudden you hear the heart-stopping sound of the line screaming off the reel and the traditional call of “fish on!”

The ferocity and duration of the ensuing battle depends on the shark species. But even the smallest of these sharks is powerful enough to put up a furious fight and stories of sharks escaping even the most expert of fishers are not unheard of.

Catch Blue Sharks, Mako Sharks & Threshers in Montauk

Montauk’s Blue sharks are known to school and often the action is so fast and furious that you stagger off the boat at the end of the day, arms and back sore, swearing you could never reel in another blue shark.

Montauk’s Mako sharks are one of the fastest beasts in the ocean, able to accelerate to speeds of 50 mph in the blink of an eye, and are strong enough to propel their entire body up to 20 feet in the air.

Montauk Thresher Sharks have a whip tail as long as its body and has earned the appropriate nickname of “the sea bull!” They often jump or will greyhound across the surface of the water at great speeds. If you are lucky enough to hook a thresher, expect a battle that may last for hours. One charter aboard the Susie E battled a 386 pound monster thresher on light tackle for 5 ½ hours before finally landing the beast! Our largest thresher so far is 535 pounds, with many others over 300 pounds brought back to the dock.

What to Do for a Successful Shark Fishing Trip

The success of your shark fishing trip relies heavily on the boat, captain, crew and equipment you will employ. The Susie E II’s captain and crew are not only avid shark fishermen, but they also happen to be experts with years of experience under their belts. The equipment we provide onboard the Susie E II are top-of-the-line light tackles, shark rigs, harnesses, fighting belts, tail ropes and gaffs.

We guarantee you will not find a more capable combination of captain, crew and vessel for your Montauk shark fishing adventure.

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