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A Montauk porgy fishing charter aboard the Susie E II is an excellent way to introduce those without fishing experience to the joys of recreational or sport fishing.

The porgy and the sea bass are saltwater fish caught in huge quantities off Montauk Point and provide excellent table fare. In the summer months, Montauk porgy and sea bass charters can run either full or half day trips with fish just minutes from the dock.

Montauk Porgy Fishing Also Means Sea Bass Fishing

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The Montauk Fishing Charter Boat Susie E II is a 48-foot custom sport fisherman, Coast Guard-inspected and licensed to take up to 33 passengers for Montauk fishing charters.

Since porgies and sea bass are found in the same areas around Montauk waters, they can be caught together using the same methods. For many years now, the abundance of these fish has been unbelievable, drawing in throngs of first-time tourists and eager returning visitors.

Jumbo sea bass start moving into the waters around Montauk in late May and early June. These fish can be caught throughout the summer and peak south of Block Island in the fall. Clams and squid are the main baits. The large fish tip the scales at four to six pounds. Sea bass is a great tasting fish and is fun to catch.

Porgies move into the rocky waters around early summer and stay into the fall. One of the sweetest fish around and easy to catch, porgy is ideal for kids and first-timers. Dinner plate size porgies are the ones the diehards are looking for and Montauk has them.

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