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The Montauk fluke fishing season begins in early May and ends in September. May fluke fishing causes a furor since they are normally the first of the warm water fish to arrive into our area. Early Montauk Fluke Fishing in May can see doormats; with fish over 10lbs are not uncommon on our Montauk fluke fishing charters.

Striped bass usually arrive a day later than the flukes so both species can be caught at the same time, with fishing charters targeting both species on the same trip. Montauk fluke fishing always provides action throughout the summer months into September, with another large body of fluke showing up in Montauk Point in August.

Most of the time, weather and water temperature play an important role in the first few days of the season. But once the fish arrive and the water temperature is just right, the flukes are here to stay.

The Best Spots for Montauk Fluke Fishing


Fluke fishing starts in May and ends in September. Early Montauk Fluke Fishing in May can see flukes the size of doormats!

The first flukes of the season reach the south shore from deep water. They go inward and in May, you would see Montauk fluke fishing boats from the radar tower and west towards East Hampton. Usually, fluke are found between 25 and 70 feet of water, preferring “pockets” on the sea floor.

Once the water becomes warmer, the fish begin to settle into our many rips. These rips can easily be seen on any chart. When fishing the Montauk rips, setting your drift and crossing past the rip is highly recommended.

Choosing the Right Equipment for Montauk Fluke Fishing

Montauk’s rocky fishing grounds are known for its varying depths, wind and tides. It is therefore best to have many sinkers of different weights, anywhere from six to twelve ounces. Susie E uses high quality hooks and specialty rigs that are real
Montauk fluke killers.

The best bait for fluke fishing is squid spiced with a spearing or sand eel. Cut the squid long and thin with a slice at the bottom to form a flutter tail. Also recommended are mackerel belly, fluke belly, small bluefish and skate.

Montauk Fluke Bass Combo Trips

Montauk Fluke Striped Bass combo trips offer a great opportunity to the angler tracking to Montauk. The perfect half day or full day fishing charter for inshore anglers looking to spend a great day on the water on a summers day in Montauk.

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