Montauk Fishing Report – July 17th, 2009

The last two weeks have been fantastic out in the Mecca.  Let’s start with the sharkin!

We have been out about 4-5 days each week sharking over the past two weeks.  The crew form Rice & Dorne was out right before the MBCA tournament and we were scouting out the sharking grounds and had a banner day.  The company outing for Montauk shark fishing was a great time for all as they had 14 blue sharks up to 325lbs and one Montauk Mako for the trip that we released.  The “Big Britt” Jeremy Robertson handled the big shark with no problem and passed off as just another “little nibbler”!

Company trips are a great way to bond with a team and we can provide recommendations for restaurants and arrange lodging for any size company.  Like most company outings, we got a good deal on hotel rooms for the crew for their Friday Montauk corporate outing.

Most shark trips are getting close to double digit catches with lots a blue sharks in the slicks.

The night Montauk striped bass trips have been on fire.  Fish over 40lbs this time of year are very common and almost every day we are limiting out on the catch.  We have released a lot of big bass over 40lbs in the last week with the largest extimated at 44lbs.  The night trips have been real consistant and should pick up even more as we come on the new moon.  Anyone thinking of getting out for night montauk bass should try to find the time this week on the new moon.  We have a few open dates open and we have been leaving the dock anywhere from 5-7pm based on the tide.

If you are around, come down and say hi at the boat in Westlake Marina.  We put up an aquarium in front of the boat full of all the local species and kids really love it.


Capt. Burt